Our vision:  Engaged, prepared, self-aware, self-motivated kids!

Our mission is to prepare students to reach their full academic potential and be responsible, creative contributors to our multicultural society.

Our core beliefs:
• Kids deserve excellent teaching in a climate of high expectations.
• Intrinsic motivation is long­-lasting and self­-sustaining.
• Play, love, and work are an essential trio.

We want La Escuelita to be a place where teachers and students collaborate to create a joyful learning community for mastering Common Core competencies and the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, and innovation. We strive to enable every child to understand the multicultural world around them and the many talents within them, to become fulfilled and compassionate people. We take a holistic approach that nurtures our kids’ wide range of talents and puts proven child development theories into practice. We embrace all learners, aware that those who walk through our doors:
• Might not have mastered the previous year’s core standards.
• Might be ready for work that is beyond their current grade level.
• Want to be part of their own goal setting. (and can often explain what they’re good at and what they need to work on)
• Have passions and interests of their own to pursue. (that might lie outside of those traditionally recognized in classrooms)